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Why do we need DevOps?

As DevOps is maturing and becomes even more more mainstream, at times organisations still grapple with how to use this kind of approach. The approach has changed mindsets, with concepts like continuous integration and continuous delivery becoming more commonplace. It has also highlighted the need for organisations to be more agile and is showing the potential to revolutionise enterprise IT.

DevOps also presents organisations with a number of advantages as it allows them to capture all processes in an auditable and replicable way. It also changes and adapts quickly, so the cost of change is low, and allows businesses to add cross functionality collaborations, which often means different teams working together, and results in working at a much higher speed. However, a significant drawback is that trying to automate everything from the start restricts some processes. This means that in more creative or unpredictable scenarios you might miss out on things that are off track as you are unable to deviate from the path that has been captured by DevOps.

As the cloud world evolves, we will see the development of more intelligent tools that will allow us to follow up DevOps processes with more discipline and become more efficient. We have seen this in the last few years with the rise of cloud offerings which try to bring together the coding and building of a solution. This will help provide solutions for issues such as testing, deployment and security.

Luca Ravazzolo

Luca Ravazzolo is the product manager responsible for the strategy and the technologies used for the cloud enablement of the new InterSystems IRIS data platform. He focuses on leveraging the best of breed technologies to optimize processes that provide solutions to market needs. He has more than 20 years of experience working as a technology architect, sales engineer and full stack developer across Europe. Luca studied Computer Science at the University of West London and gained his MBA from Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland.
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