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What established businesses and start-ups in the healthtech can teach each other

Saurav Gupta, sales engineer, InterSystems, explains for Med-Tech Innovation what established healthcare organisations can learn from start-ups in order to continue innovating to attract much-needed developer skills, and vice-versa.

In recent years, the healthtech sector in the UK and Ireland has continued to grow, becoming the second biggest sub-set of the tech sector after fintech. Within this, the healthtech start-up scene has been at the forefront of new developments and innovations, some of which have played a crucial role during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic by helping to provide new digital tools to connect patients with clinical staff. However, despite this, established technology enterprises and start-ups within the healthcare sector are both facing a distinct set of challenges. Read more…

Saurav Gupta

Sales Engineer, InterSystems. Saurav Gupta joined InterSystems in July 2006 as Sales Engineer and has been working across both technology and healthcare solutions business of InterSystems. He has over 18 years of experience across solutions architecture, enterprise application integration, analytics and software development.
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