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TechHQ – Why We Should Use Today’s Downtime to Train ML Systems

While many businesses thought the pandemic was going to provide them with some downtime, others were taking advantage of the extra time by training ML systems to better position them for the future – whatever that may look like! In this article for TechHQ, Jeff Fried, Director of Product Management at InterSystems explains why now could be the time to find “high payoff, low-risk” opportunities for AI and machine learning.

Jeff Fried

Director of Product Management, InterSystems. Jeff is a long-standing data management nerd, and particularly passionate about helping people create powerful data-driven applications. Prior to joining InterSystems, Jeff was CTO of BA Insight, and ran product management for FAST Search and Transfer and for Microsoft. He has extensive experience in data management, text analytics, enterprise search, and interoperability. Jeff is a frequent speaker and writer in the industry; holds 15 patents; and has authored more than 50 technical papers and co-authored three technical books.
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