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Solving the NHS backlog requires an integrated, collaborative approach

David Hancock, healthcare executive advisor, InterSystems, explains what’s needed to overcome a lack of interoperability, and outlines the path needed to achieve a seamless and integrated healthcare ecosystem.

NHS chiefs and government ministers alike are currently grappling with how best to cope with the huge backlog of patients created by the Coronavirus pandemic and associated lockdowns. Pent-up demand, together with fewer doctors making referrals in the last year means millions are now thought to be awaiting hospital treatment. Add to this an ageing UK population with a whole host of different care requirements and it becomes clear that our healthcare system must urgently find ways to work smarter if it is to meet this considerable challenge head on. Read more…

David Hancock

Healthcare Executive Advisor, InterSystems. David joined InterSystems in 2015 as HealthShare Client Engagement Director. David works closely with customers and prospects to align their requirements and InterSystems strategy.
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