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OnTrak News Flash Issue 7

From the Desk of Dimitri Fane

Welcome to the first OnTrak Newsletter of 2021. I’d like to start off by expressing my respect and admiration to all of our clients who spent most of last year working tirelessly to support their patients in what must be one of the toughest years on record. We are honored to have been able to support you and serve you, and it’s been a great pleasure being able to share a little bit of what you’ve done with InterSystems TrakCare during this period.

In this issue of OnTrak News Flash we’re sharing some information on work we’re doing around COVID-19 vaccination scheduling. Vaccinating the world’s population is the key public health challenge of 2021 and brings with it enormous logistical challenges. We’ve worked with key clients to design a solution that we believe will help in situations where our customers are responsible for vaccinating citizens in a given area. If your organization may benefit from a similar solution we’d be interested in discussing further.

We continue to see explosive growth around Telehealth and virtual care and recently Sultan Qaboos University Hospital in Oman went live with a Telehealth solution utilizing TrakCare fully integrated with Google Meet. This is a fully integrated solution that allows SQUH to better serve their patients and we’re delighted that they’ve agreed to share the story. We’re also including stories on other interesting projects as well as welcoming our newest TrakCare clients.

Finally, please read carefully the announcement below relating to the naming convention used for TrakCare’s releases. This is the next step for us in our journey to release new functionality faster and brings the naming convention in line with how we are now delivering product changes. We’re releasing new functionality faster than ever before and providing more flexibility to our clients in terms of how they allocate their resources for testing and adoption of new functionality. The new naming convention reflects this and we think helps clarify how our release process works.

Thank you again for your attention and support and as always I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns or if you’re working on something you think we should feature in a future version of this newsletter.

Vaccination Booking Proving Difficult? This Solution Can Help

The development of COVID-19 vaccines is only one battle in the war against the pandemic. Now, as healthcare organizations worldwide strive to inoculate frontline employees and patients, scheduling vaccination appointments is emerging as a considerable challenge. So, with a complicated mission and an urgent timeline, how can hospitals and clinics efficiently and effectively execute the world’s largest vaccination initiative?

The answer may well include an automated appointment booking solution that’s now available to users of InterSystems TrakCare. In fact, the technology has already helped one large health system manage vaccinations for thousands of frontline healthcare workers, all but eliminating the time and resources typically required to undertake such an effort.

Healthcare organizations can book COVID-19 vaccination appointments through TrakCare, which leverages existing data to develop eligible patient cohorts, automatically book appointments at an internal facility, and then notify each individual. They can then securely login to a portal, TrakCare Personal Community, to rebook their appointment time and location to fit their schedule.

The solution integrates vaccination data with each individual’s clinical record within TrakCare. If the vaccine requires several shots, TrakCare also ensures appointments for the second dose occur on time, sending reminders to patients as necessary. The appointment booking solution’s data integration capabilities could help healthcare organizations track and manage their vaccine supplies.

But how, precisely, does automated appointment booking aid the fight against COVID-19?

More efficient resource management. Patient cohort creation (or acceptance of a cohort file created in another system) streamlines eligibility questions from the outset. Call centers can take five to seven minutes to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment, but automated technology empowers organizations to bypass that process, saving time and money.

A better patient experience. With the power to manage their appointments via phone or computer, patients can choose what works best for them. They can perform this task entirely online, unless they opt to call a representative. If a healthcare organization chooses, automated notifications can further ease the process.

Results at scale. When a healthcare organization is responsible for vaccinating tens of thousands of employees and millions of patients, mistakes add up. The booking solution simplifies the process, providing better results, fewer errors, and a full schedule of vaccination appointments.

Actionable data. Vaccination information enters the electronic patient record within TrakCare. This enables clinicians to provide more informed care, while IT staff get the data they need to refine vaccination cohorts.

Interoperability. Connected data sets up healthcare organizations and patients for life during and after the pandemic. TrakCare’s interoperability capabilities allow users to share a patient’s vaccination status with other systems, including general practitioners and community care organizations, so they know who’s protected.

Immediate access. Because the solution is already available within TrakCare, there’s no need for a complex or time-consuming implementation, as a minimal configuration of Personal Community can be deployed in weeks.

After COVID-19, the solution promises to remain a valuable tool in everything from influenza vaccination campaigns to appointment booking for every kind of patient. Overcoming the pandemic is merely the first – and perhaps most critical – use case.

To learn how you can leverage the TrakCare automated appointment booking solution, read more or contact your InterSystems representative today.

TrakCare Go-live with BloodNet at Launceston General Hospital is a First

InterSystems is pleased to announce the successful go live of the interface between TrakCare Laboratory and an online ordering and blood management system at Launceston General Hospital in Tasmania, Australia.

BloodNet is a web-based service made available by the National Blood Authority which allows staff in health facilities across Australia to order blood and blood products in a standardized way quickly, easily and securely from the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (Blood Service).

So why is this important and does it really matter to the hospital? Thanks to the new blood labelling standard with a digital interface, Launceston General Hospital has been able to cut the time it takes to receipt and record blood products by an impressive 75%. Additional benefits include streamlining and automating tasks while increasing safety and accuracy in managing the ordering and stocking of blood products.

Launceston is the first laboratory in Australia to interface its laboratory system into the national BloodNet system utilizing the ISBT128 coding standard. The interface between the two systems eliminates double-entry and speeds up the transfer of data between all the stakeholders responsible for managing blood products.

Previously manual processes are now automated thanks to the integration of TrakCare and BloodNet:

• Importing of receipted items from BloodNet into the TrakCare;

• Fating (transfer or disposal) of received items from TrakCare into BloodNet;

• Regular updated inventory stock levels into BloodNet.

In summary, duplicate data entry has been eliminated, time has been saved while accuracy has been improved. For patients in need of blood it means they can get the right blood product faster and safely.

To read more and what the laboratory users at Launceston have to say about the benefits of the new solution, click here.

Welcome to New Customers

Mother and Child (Russia): Group of companies “Mother and Child”, a leader in the Russian market of private healthcare, provides diagnostic and therapeutic services via 6 ultra-modern hospitals and 36 clinics. The Group has signed an agreement to implement TrakCare Lab Enterprise to manage and automate end-to-end processes in its clinical laboratories.

Russian Railways Healthcare Directorate, a.k.a. RZD Medicina (Russia): Will modernize its lab diagnostic facilities in several phases with TrakCare Lab Enterprise, the first of which encompasses 2 modern laboratories, with 13 additional facilities to be added after 2021.

MEDSI (Russia): Recently signed the agreement to implement TrakCare Lab Enterprise in its facilities, and the project will begin in March 2021.

International Medical Centre (IMC) (Saudi Arabia) will implement TrakCare in its hospital and clinics in Jeddah. IMC is the first member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network in the Kingdom.

Dhaman, aka, Health Assurance Hospitals Company, (Kuwait) has recently signed an agreement to implement TrakCare across its threehospital, 15-clinic organization. Dhaman is a new health maintenance organization (HMO) set up by the government of Kuwait, and the first HMO in the Middle East.

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital Implements Telehealth Consultations with The Use of InterSystems TrakCare and Google Meet

Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH) has implemented a telehealth platform to meet the increase in demand for remote visits in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, leveraging the successful integration between InterSystems TrakCare® and Google Meet.

TrakCare is a unified healthcare information system that provides clinicians with a holistic view of each patient’s clinical, administrative, and financial information at any given time on any authorized internetconnected device.

Located in Muscat, Oman, SQUH was established in 1990 to provide undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching, research, and medical care in a patient friendly atmosphere and in a spirit of compassion to the community. Since opening its doors, the 500-bed tertiary care University Teaching Hospital has provided a dedicated patient care and endeavors to improve its services on a constant, ongoing basis.

The hospital provides a full continuum of patient-centered care, beginning with complete clinical evaluation, to meet the needs of each patient at each stage of treatment. SQUH currently provides several unique services and certain specialized medical and surgical facilities that are unique in Oman. The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (Allogenic), the Cord Blood Bank are unique national and regional services. The unit of Family and Community Medicine is regarded as an exemplary one by the World Health Organization (WHO). Trauma team and trauma surgery is a comprehensive and unique service. Clinical and laboratory genetic services and developmental medicine are other examples.

SQUH implemented telehealth and remote consultations to ensure patients are getting the care they need while avoiding the risk of COVID-19 infections for both patients and staff.

The integration between TrakCare and Google Meet includes generating a Google Meet invite through the TrakCare system to be sent to the patients and allows the SQUH staff to schedule an online consultation directly within TrakCare.

At the time of the appointment, the clinician and the administrative staff member can clearly differentiate a regular visit from a telehealth consultation using the same workbench on TrakCare. The physician is able to view the patient’s electronic record and document while conducting the call with the patient. This allows the hospital staff to continue working from TrakCare and streamline the workflow.

“SQUH is currently developing a major project for expansion of telehealth services over the next 5 years with the aim of being a leading institution in the field of telehealth. The initial phase of introducing the telehealth consultations by the direct integration between TrakCare and Google Meet is an example of the continuous commitment and partnership cooperation between SQUH and InterSystems to develop a high standard of telehealth platforms and services in Oman,” said Dr. Abdulaziz Bakathir, Senior Consultant in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and the Chairperson of the Health Informatics Committee at SQUH.

“SQUH has always been a pioneer in leveraging technology to improve the healthcare outcomes in Oman,” Said Ali Abi Raad, Country Manager for the Middle East and India at InterSystems. “The rapid deployment of the telehealth service by SQUH and InterSystems teams ensures the continuity of patient care and decreases the risk of infection while providing clinical best practice to all patients. The telehealth service is part of a larger plan as SQUH is in the final stages of launching the TrakCare patient portal which will further enable patients to access their health information securely with a single, simple user interface on their device of choice.”

Partner Spotlight

A Message from Ascom, a Trusted Mobile Device Provider

Ascom is proud to announce that the Myco™ 3 Smartphone fully supports InterSystems TrakCare® mobile-enabled user interface.

InterSystems and Ascom joint clients are now able to benefit from an improved user experience and integrated management of a full range of clinical point of care data entry and review processes to simplify healthcare delivery. This new partnership offering can help staff in the following areas:

• One touch launch of InterSystems TrakCare with a dedicated button on the Ascom Myco 3

• Imprivata for Single Sign On

• Positive patient identification

• Barcode medication administration

• Viewing patient records

• Documenting vital signs and observations

• Completing patient assessments and questionnaires

• Adding photos to the patient record (i.e. wound care) Learn more about the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone Learn more about Imprivata’s Single Sign On solution on the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone


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