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Learnings from healthcare for higher education institutions

The Journey to Interoperability with University Hospital Southampton: Learnings for higher education institutions

Higher education institutions are often the gate keepers of huge volumes of data, ranging from student and staff data, to research data. Unfortunately, managing, accessing, sharing, and protecting this vast amount of data, and connecting the multiple siloed systems in which it is stored, presents a significant IT challenge.

As the amount of information higher education institutions collect is only increasing, overcoming these difficulties by implementing tried and tested best practice should be a priority for university IT teams. This means not only looking at what other higher education institutions are doing right, but also looking to those excelling in data management outside of the sector.

With parallels between higher education and the healthcare sector, taking inspiration from how hospitals and trusts handle and integrate data, and adopting the relevant interoperability standards is a good starting point. This subject formed the basis of a recent webinar, organised by ucisa in association with InterSystems, in which Adrian Byrne CIO of University Hospital Southampton (UHS) shared UHS’s interoperability journey. The session highlighted how InterSystems’ integration engine has enabled the institution to seamlessly and securely integrate records across systems and departments to improve patient care and streamline workflows.

As the need for interoperability and seamless integration of data becomes a bigger priority for higher education institutions, it’s becoming even more important for higher education institutions to begin applying these learnings and tried and tested best practices within their own environments. In this co-branded IT Contemporary piece with ucisa, we have summarised the learnings from this webinar to empower higher education institutions to do just that.

Enzo Brienza

Sales Manager, InterSystems. Enzo Brienza is a sales manager at InterSystems with a proven track record of delivering complex information technology solutions to blue-chip customers. As a transformational business leader with specialisms across marketing, sales management and bespoke technical consulting, Enzo’s role at InterSystems is to develop strategic partnerships, create better revenue for IT channels, higher education, research & life science and drive market growth through digital transformation.
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