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InterSystems Data Platform in a Fortune 100 Investment Bank


The development manager at a top global investment bank ($39.2BN revenues) needed to find a solution to meet the following demands of his organization’s business:

  • The customer management application must support the ability to answer ad-hoc queries about an end customer’s assets
  • The same system must support the ability to report traceability to show that trades were in compliance
  • The customer management application must scale dynamically and respond to queries in milliseconds, not seconds
  • The underlying database must be able to handle big data volumes (TBs) of trade data from across the firm
  • The underlying system must scale with increasing demands of velocity, variety, and volume of data
  • The system must reduce infrastructure costs

The firm’s data was archived into a Hadoop data lake. The architecture had the following limitations:

  • The data lake was good for basic historical analysis but could not support real-time, current data streams
  • Performance was barely acceptable and had limitations on scaling out
  • The application could not provide data drill down for analysis reporting (Hive only supported simple SQL queries, no joins)
  • The application could not support more advanced, analytical needs
  • The client deployed InterSystem Data Platform for financial services to address both the business and technical challenges
  • HDFS was integrated with the data platform to combine terabytes of historical data with current transactions
  • The data platform’s persistent store and cached data layer was architected to support the needs of different lines of business. A single deployed reference architecture supported ad-hoc user defined queries with high performance
  • InterSystems Data Platform supports complex SQL queries across all applications while meeting SLAs
  • InterSystems Data Platform for financial services uniquely combines shared-nothing and shared- everything architectures. It proved to be the only option in the market that could provide the required performance at scale
  • The reduced costs requirement was met because InterSystems data platform’s ‘cloud-friendly architecture’ does not require specialized hardware. The application could be configured to run (and scale) on commodity hardware

InterSystems IRIS Data Platform for Financial Services

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