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InterSystems and Cognetivity Neurosciences are Cloud Excellence Awards 2021 winners

InterSystems is thrilled to announce that together with Cognetivity Neurosciences it is this year’s Cloud Excellence Awards winner in the Best Use of AI in the Cloud category.

Following from what has undoubtedly been a difficult and challenging period, the very best of the UK’s cloud industry was recognised and celebrated with an in-person awards ceremony at The Montcalm London Marble Arch on Thursday, 23 September. With award categories covering every aspect of the cloud, encompassing both vendor and customer standout projects, it was a chance for industry peers to reconnect in person and share the wins of the past eighteen months.

Reinventing dementia detection

Dementia is a major global problem, affecting 54 million people, with the number set to rise to 130 million by 2050. The disease shortens lives, causes immense suffering and inflicts the heavy costs of treatment and care on families and healthcare systems. Whilst there is no cure, early detection could significantly slow dementia’s advance and improve quality of life for longer.

Cognetivity Neurosciences has designed a cutting-edge solution to help alleviate the global problem of early dementia detection combining cloud-based AI and advancements in neuroscience. Cognetivity’s Integrated Cognitive Assessment test (ICA) achieves far earlier detection of symptoms than conventional methods, with high accuracy and low costs.

For its clinical effectiveness and scalability, the ICA platform takes full advantage of the cloud data management and integration capabilities of InterSystems’ highly advanced IRIS for Health data management platform. The platform’s capabilities have been specifically engineered to extract insights from healthcare data, using internet interoperability that allows it to connect equally effectively with consumer devices and medical grade equipment. As a result, Cognetivity achieves full integration, and in addition, can take full advantage of application development assistance around the world.

Jonathan El-Sharkawy, CTO at Cognetivity Neurosciences, comments: “All too often, early cognitive impairment diagnosis comes too late for prompt administration of medications and effective treatment, and we wanted to change that. Whether it is dementia, or multiple sclerosis in the very near future, our ICA solution is scalable and well-positioned to undertake significant expansion, and eventually reduce the number of cases worldwide. Being shortlisted for this award with InterSystems was an exciting moment enough, but to win is a testament to our hard work and the possibilities that cloud and next generation technologies can bring to healthcare and disease detection.”

 Duncan Allen, Sales Manager at InterSystems UKI, adds: “Cognetivity’s work is an exciting and important step forward towards reinventing the future of early dementia diagnosis, giving people a real chance to improve their quality of life and reduce the prevalence of the disease in society. It’s an honour to have been involved with such an important project, and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to work closely with Cognetivity to ensure the seamless integration and sharing of data, ultimately providing better outcomes for patients.”

If you want to learn more about Cognetivity and how InterSystems IRIS for Health is playing a role in helping to change the future of early dementia detection, watch this short video.


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