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Information Age – The ultimate guide to DevOps

In Information Age’s ‘Ultimate Guide to DevOps’, Luca Ravazzolo, a Product Manager at InterSystems, shares his insight into what the evolution of cloud will mean for DevOps. As cloud continues to evolve, more intelligent tools will be created, allowing developers to follow up DevOps processes with more discipline and efficiency. The guide also sheds light on why we need DevOps, the path to DevOps and the emergence of DevSecOps.

Luca Ravazzolo

Luca Ravazzolo is the product manager responsible for the strategy and the technologies used for the cloud enablement of the new InterSystems IRIS data platform. He focuses on leveraging the best of breed technologies to optimize processes that provide solutions to market needs. He has more than 20 years of experience working as a technology architect, sales engineer and full stack developer across Europe. Luca studied Computer Science at the University of West London and gained his MBA from Robert Kennedy College in Switzerland.
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