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Education Technology – Safeguarding data in an evolving education landscape

2020 saw the education landscape evolve dramatically, with an increase in online learning and the use of online services. With this rise and due to the significant volumes of personal and research data, intellectual property and other assets stored within their technology infrastructure, higher education institutions are at increasing risk of experiencing cyber-attacks. In his latest article for Education Technology, our sales manager Enzo Brienza discusses the nature of these risks, and shares insight into the appropriate strategies and policies which can strengthen infrastructures and mitigate risks now and in the future.

Enzo Brienza

Sales Manager, InterSystems. Enzo Brienza is a sales manager at InterSystems with a proven track record of delivering complex information technology solutions to blue-chip customers. As a transformational business leader with specialisms across marketing, sales management and bespoke technical consulting, Enzo’s role at InterSystems is to develop strategic partnerships, create better revenue for IT channels, higher education, research & life science and drive market growth through digital transformation.
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