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Data Economy – Threading the needle: ethics and the business of data

Despite its growing importance within the business world, data is commonly spoken about purely in relation to compliance, when the conversation really needs to move on to the subject of ethics. Businesses are still pushing the boundaries, and some are unclear on what they can and can’t do with data. In this article on, Ken Mortensen, our Data Protection Officer, explains why businesses must get to grips with these issues or risk individuals becoming reluctant to share their personal information with them. Fortunately, there are several initiatives businesses can adopt to ensure their organisation approaches data ethically, including developing a trust model and getting the entire business onboard. Ultimately, the ethical treatment and effective use of data will pay dividends for companies and allow them to add value to their relationships with consumers.

Ken Mortensen

Data Protection Officer Global Trust and Privacy, InterSystems. As an attorney and engineer, Ken Mortensen is a privacy and security professional with over 20 years of legal and over 30 years of IT experience. Based in Cambridge, Mass., Ken currently leads Global Trust and Privacy at InterSystems as the Data Protection Officer. He works globally across the company to enhance information privacy, governance, and cyber risk processes. Before InterSystems, Ken served in a number of chief privacy and security roles at PwC, CVS Health, and Boston Scientific.
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