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Data Centre Review – Unpacking the future of containers

In recent years, containers have become increasingly popular among developers, helping to simplify development, however, this has also cast a spotlight on their shortcomings, leading the container landscape to transform. Our Manager of Sales Engineering, Jon Payne uses his wealth of knowledge and experience to unpack the future of containers in this article for Data Centre Review, explaining the reasons behind their popularity, as well as the limitations that have been exposed over time. Moving forward, could there be a successor to containers?

Jon Payne

Manager of Sales Engineering and Education, InterSystems. Jon Payne is the manager for sales engineering at InterSystems and has 37 years experience building and delivering software in over 30 countries. Initially working for the NHS at the start of his career, Jon held a number of positions in both the healthcare and financial arena - including running his own consultancy - before joining InterSystems. Jon's role is to explore the opportunities for and then drive the adoption of InterSystems technologies.
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