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CEO Today – Business leaders must fail fast to succeed at digital transformation

With fewer than 30% of transformations succeeding, it’s time for business leaders to adopt a fail fast approach to gain the agility needed for successful digital transformation. As explained by Jon Payne, our Manager of Sales Engineering, in this article in CEO Today magazine, businesses mustn’t be afraid to fail, as it will enable them to learn and eventually get things right, however, they must move through these processes quickly. There are two main aspects businesses must implement when adopting this approach. Firstly, they should implement data management tools which enable them to speed up and simplify digital transformation efforts. While secondly, they must cultivate a culture in which it is seen as permissible to make mistakes, as long as they are learnt from, and ensure that this is adopted at every level throughout the organisation.

Jon Payne

Manager of Sales Engineering and Education, InterSystems. Jon Payne is the manager for sales engineering at InterSystems and has 37 years experience building and delivering software in over 30 countries. Initially working for the NHS at the start of his career, Jon held a number of positions in both the healthcare and financial arena - including running his own consultancy - before joining InterSystems. Jon's role is to explore the opportunities for and then drive the adoption of InterSystems technologies.
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