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Joining Up Health and Care

Let’s make it easier to work together

The future of healthcare across the UK means moving away from reactive, disjointed measures in favour of supporting people to stay healthy and take ownership of their own health. This means building stronger relationships between local and regional health providers and removing barriers that prevent the right information reaching the right person at the right time.

To us, this is interoperability – to allow data to flow freely within organisations, across communities, between information systems, from devices to apps, and from healthcare providers to innovators.

Joining Up Health Data

No one should have to piece together fragmented health information. Interoperability standards like FHIR enable this free flow of data by ensuring that it is understood the same way from start to finish by systems and people.

That’s why InterSystems invests in interoperability and has done so for decades. It’s why we build FHIR into our entire technology stack from the ground up and the reason we have successfully integrated with nearly 200 different information systems.

Better Decisions For Care

InterSystems technology and solutions power intelligent clinical workflows and real-time decision support wherever care decisions are made. They provide the analytics to manage an organisation, or the health of a population.

HealthShare creates a unified, community-wide health record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management. HealthShare products and add-on components work together to capture information, share it in a meaningful way, aid understanding, and, ultimately, drive transformative action across organisations and communities.

TrakCare supports clinicians and care managers across diverse settings, including acute-care hospitals, outpatient clinics, urgent-care centres, community health centres, and laboratories – capturing the continuum of a patient’s clinical and administrative information, including demographics and medical history, along with previous admissions, surgery, and obstetric information.

Integrated Care Systems Need Integrated Data Systems

All InterSystems healthcare solutions are built on our innovative data platform. Every critical software component is created by InterSystems, so everything works together seamlessly and reliably at scale.

Using HealthShare alongside TrakCare means you are free to innovate and enable the entire care team to partner with the patient to connect, collaborate, and plan care across the health ecosystem.

Find Out How

Why Is Interoperability So Important In Healthcare?

InterSystems staff discuss the value and impact of interoperability in healthcare, from sharing information in real time and breaking down siloes to connecting applications to unleash the potential of health data.

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Top 5 Reasons To Use TrakCare

Why do healthcare providers in 27 countries rely on TrakCare to power their EMR? It’s more than an electronic patient record. It’s the power to improve lives – and drive a healthcare revolution.

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Top 5 Reasons To Use HealthShare

Healthcare as we know it is changing. Rapidly. With the volume of health data increasing exponentially, HealthShare is designed to channel that data into a unified care record that promotes and supports collaborative care.

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