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Big NHS savings from electronic patient records

An NHS trust is on track to save £225,000 a year with electronic patient record system.

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust is one of the latest medical organisations to switch from paper-based to electronic patient records (EPR). Paper-based systems are still in use in many NHS organisations.

These systems can be complex and, in some cases, dangerous.

For example, in medicines management, handwritten documentation has been notorious for medication errors.

This can be due to things as simple as misinterpreting the doctor’s handwriting.

Gary Mooney, healthcare solution manager at InterSystems says: “The therapeutic complexity of modern medicines, combined with the service demands and pressures of an acute care facility in the NHS really makes paper-based medicine systems unfit for purpose in modern health care.

“The TrakCare system is able to alert clinicians when patients are due their medicines. This means doctors and nurses can focus on the patients that require those medicines rather than go around the ward and check the piece of paper at the end of every patient’s bed. Read more…


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