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Saurav Gupta

Sales Engineer, InterSystems. Saurav Gupta joined InterSystems in July 2006 as Sales Engineer and has been working across both technology and healthcare solutions business of InterSystems. He has over 18 years of experience across solutions architecture, enterprise application integration, analytics and software development.

Achieving a customer first data strategy

9th December 2021

What established businesses and start-ups in the healthtech can teach each other

11th February 2021

Q&A with Saurav Gupta

12th October 2020

The Evolving Enterprise – Cloud migration exposes a skills shortage that simplification will overcome

17th August 2021

ITProPortal – Simplification of data architectures overcome the skills shortages exposed by cloud migration

10th August 2021

TechNative – Driving Businesses Forward with Data: Why Operationalising AI is the Key

19th August 2020

ITProPortal – Operationalising AI for a data-first approach is key for businesses

3rd August 2020

Acquisition International – UK Businesses Need Access to their Data to make Business Decisions

23rd March 2020

Continuity Central – Senior Decision Makers Overwhelmed by Data

20th March 2020

DataIQ – Data Quantity not Quality is Troubling Business Chiefs

16th March 2020

National Technology News – UK Businesses are Overwhelmed by the Volume of Data

13th March 2020

The Sussex Newspaper – Half of UK Senior Decision-Makers Waste Time Planning Data Collection

27th May 2020

ITProPortal – UK Businesses are Wasting Time Collecting and Analysing Data

Digitalisation World – UK Businesses Take Up to a Fortnight to Analyse Data

ITProPortal – UK Businesses are Drowning in Data

13th March 2020

TechHQ – Can established businesses mimic startup style?

27th February 2020

What Can Established Businesses Learn from Startups?

9th March 2020

Helping Businesses Overcome Their Data-Related Challenges

3rd August 2020

Using Data to Drive Business Forward

Saurav Gupta on Developers and IRIS

1st July 2019

What established businesses can learn from startups

25th June 2019

How your organisation can get the most from AI

11th June 2019
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